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Brewing is our life, beer is our water so don’t waste time drinking all kind of other things which won’t make your life better.



You never forget your first sip

Our brewer, Paul de Klerk, is a true beer lover.  Paul apprenticed under Hans Trumet who is a master brewer for many years. Hans has 55 years of experience which he intensely shared with Paul over a period of a year.  Paul’s main target for the beers he brews is quality and consistency.  Paul brews beers per the German Purity Law which means he uses only water, hops, malt and yeast.


Our manager, Liza Ricohermoso-de Klerk, has a dynamic personality and is determined to make sure things run smoothly at Table 58 Brewing.  Liza wants each person who visits the brewery to have a great experience. Liza leads by example and is always working hard and expecting the same commitment from her staff to ensure the smooth running of T58.  The saying “dynamite comes in small packages”



Linda Mynhardt is responsible for the marketing and graphics for T58.  She has a degree in graphic design and is responsible for the design of our logo which she says is her best work.  Linda has done extensive research into the branding and marketing of Craft Breweries and enjoys the challenge of making sure T58 presence is felt on social media and is advertised as often as possible.


Willy Gauss is a businessman and has contributed greatly to the knowledge of how to run a business to Liza and Paul.  Willy has added the German flavour and the inspiration for the name of Table 58 Brewing. The aim of Table 58 Brewing is to be reminiscent of a German Beer Garden and Willy continued to guide us with his expertise.



Peter de Klerk was our master builder and carpenter.  Peter was also a true beer lover and when the opportunity arose to be part of T58 he grabbed it with both hands.  He designed the layout of the brewery and those hands did a great deal of the wood work in the inside and the outside of the brewery.  We are particularly proud of our bar counter which had many hours of research, design and building done by Peter. Sadly Peter passed away at the end of September 2018 but his legacy lives on in the foundations of T58.


Bongi Ndabayithethwa is our assistant brewer.  He has been at Paul’s side right from the beginning and has proved to be invaluable.  Bongi works hard in the brewery as well as the pub and keeps on improving his skills set day by day.



Luba started off as a waiter/barman and has grown in his position to become our pub supervisor.  We enjoy his friendliness and his efficiency. Many a customer has commented to us how they have enjoyed his service.


Busi is one of our waitresses.  She works hard and is quick and efficient and we admire her willingness to learn new things and for her friendly personality



Pumi is one of our cleaners and she works hard to make sure T58 cleanliness is always of the best standard.



Lettie is one of our waitresses.  We value her dedication to T58 and enjoy her quiet personality.  Customers get great service from Lettie



Hans is our consultant.  Hans is a master brewer with 55 years brewing experience and he trained Paul to be a brewer.  While Hans is no longer at the brewery he is still available to us for consulting purposes.

Gunner - the brew dog

Gunner is our brew dog.  He is Paul and Liza’s faithful companion and we love having him at the brewery to show people we are an animal friendly establishment.